Guangdong Trement Medical science and technology Co., Ltd is a medical research team, established by a number of experts in the field of immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, and animal science. Our mission is trying to create a platform which focuses on gene therapeutic research and clinical transformation. The team contains three research centers: molecular center, cell biology center, and virus production center. Our current projects include AIDS/HIV and β-thalassemia treatment.


Professional Research Team

Professional researchers major in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, microbiology, take charge of experimental design, operation and consultation. Especially in the field of gene editing, Trement Medical is at the leading level of the world.

Standard Experiment System

Standardized experimental methods and procedures have been established by Trement Medical with its molecular center, cell biology center and virus production center, which make experiment period shorten and efficiency enhanced.

Innovative and Pragmatic Attitude

Trement Medical adhere to the experimental attitude of preciseness, sureness, development and innovation, promote the discipline development, and explore the scientific frontier. Our objectives are building a technology service platform of gene editing to promote the development of gene therapy.

Abundant Practical Experiences

The core members of Trement Medical have many years of research experiences in the field of gene editing, stem cell treatment and medical engineering. Numbers of research projects have been carried out with the famous universities and research institutes domestic or abroad.

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