Research and Development

       AIDS(Acquired Immunodeficiency Dyndrome) is an infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). T cells is the main type of cells which attacked by HIV virus. The typical Symptoms caused by HIV infection are dysfunction of patients’immune system, and eventually died of opportunistic infections or cancer. According to recent national reports, registered AIDS patients have already exceeded one million in China. 
       Due to the integration of virus genome and rapid variation of the viral protein, no specific medicine and vaccines have been developed So far. The most common treatment strategies to prolong the life of patients, such as HAART(highly active antiretroviral therapy), is to reduce viral load, maintain the number of T cells. However the treatment needs lifelong medication and is unable to get rid of latent virus. The gene therapeutic strategy, which can inhibit virus replication and eliminate the integrated virus genome from human genome, is a very promising way for AIDS treatment.
       In our HIV program, gene editing was employed as core technology for AIDS therapy. The key gene related to virus cycle was targeted to edite by CRISPR, so as to inhibit the virus replication.

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